Have meetings anytime, anywhere with No-Reservations Audio Conferencing

Collaborate with team members, customers and partners from around the world at a moment's notice without an operator.

No-Reservation Audio Conferencing features:

  • One-click scheduling with Outlook
  • Record and replay conferences
  • Customizable passcodes
  • Online account management and phone controls
  • Roll call/name capture
  • Entry and exit tones
  • Listen only with individual volume controls
  • Lecture mode and Q&A
  • 24/7 Help Desk


Ultra-simple, no-hassle meetings online

Connect with colleagues, partners and customers  on the web
for one low rate each month.

  • No software, downloads, passcodes or dial-in numbers — the meeting calls you!
  • One-click connection from your desktop or mobile device
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • One-click audio and video recording
  • Screen and document sharing
  • See who's present and know who's talking in real-time
  • Live phone and Web support


Collaborate more, travel less with Troy Cable Video Conferencing

Attended Service

Upon, request, we can provide a video conferencing attendant to help coordinate and monitor calls, including greetings, meeting protocols and multi-media handling.


Our secure data center assures the protection of your company's sensitive data.


Troy Cable's stable network and gateways allow participants with differing speeds and capabilities to easily connect at their highest transmission rate possible.


Eliminate all the hardware, software, training and maintenance costs associated with a call center

Work virtually anywhere, anytime with a phone and Internet connection.

  • Easy to deploy, manage and maintain
  • Turnkey solution with no hardware, software or start-up costs
  • Easily integrate with NetSuite and Salesforce
  • 24/7 network monitoring and maintenance
  • No maintenance-related downtime
  • Expert technicians, engineers and service professionals provide quick response times
  • Flexible and easy to scale so you can quickly expand capacity


Fax anytime, from anywhere

Send and receive faxes online — no fax machines or costly fax servers needed.

Hosted Fax Benefits

  • Flexibility: Send and receive faxes from any device
  • Save money: Never pay for supplies or a dedicated line
  • Get the number you want: Pick local or toll-free
  • Manage documents: Store files in the cloud
  • Privacy: Get faxes to your inbox over a secure connection
  • No hassles: Say goodbye to busy signals, paper jams, expensive supplies and lost faxes


Keep everyone in the loop with Microsoft® Lync, an easy-to-use program for instant messaging, video conferencing and more

  • Seamlessly connect with the suppliers, partners and customers
  • Stay in touch anywhere
  • Use the device you want
  • Hassle-free communications according to your preference
  • Leverage standards-based HD video
  • Make virtual meetings more effective
  • Easily join meetings


Create a flexible workplace with a "bring your own device" (BYOD) program

Give your employees access to company resources and services using personally-owned smartphones and tablets.


  • Boost productivity
  • Offer employees greater workplace and remote workplace flexibility
  • Support multiple devices and operating systems
  • Improve access to company resources in a safe and secure manner